Mass and Weight Conversion Chart & Calculator

Convert ounces to grams and vice versa with Farnell's mass calculator shown below.
Our mass conversion chart also provides you with the multiplier for these conversions so you can make them manually when necessary.

Mass and Weight Conversion Calculator

Mass Conversion Chart

Ounce (oz)0.0625Pound (lb)
Ounce (oz)2.835e+7Microgram (microg)
Ounce (oz)28,349.5Milligram (mg)
Ounce (oz)28.349Gram (g)
Ounce (oz)0.028349Kilogram (kg)
Pound (lb)16Ounce (oz)
Pound (lb)4.536e+8Microgram (microg)
Pound (lb)453,592Milligram (mg)
Pound (lb)453.592Gram (g)
Pound (lb)0.453592Kilogram (kg)
Microgram (microg)3.5274e-8Ounce (oz)
Microgram (microg)2.2046e-9Pound (lb)
Microgram (microg)0.001Milligram (mg)
Microgram (microg)1e-6Gram (g)
Microgram (microg)1e-9Kilogram (kg)
Milligram (mg)3.5274e-5Ounce (oz)
Milligram (mg)2.2046e-6Pound (lb)
Milligram (mg)1000Microgram (microg)
Milligram (mg)0.001Gram (g)
Milligram (mg)1e-6Kilogram (kg)
Gram (g)0.035274Ounce (oz)
Gram (g)0.00220462Pound (lb)
Gram (g)1e+6Microgram (microg)
Gram (g)1000Milligram (mg)
Gram (g)0.001Kilogram (kg)
Kilogram (kg)35.274Ounce (oz)
Kilogram (kg)2.20462Pound (lb)
Kilogram (kg)1e+9Microgram (microg)
Kilogram (kg)1e+6Milligram (mg)
Kilogram (kg)1,000Gram (g)