Cancel an Order

Need to cancel an order? We pride ourselves on processing and sending customer orders fast. So once an order is placed, in most cases our fulfilment systems will have your items picked, packed and sent for delivery within minutes. This means you will need to call our customers support team on +44 8701 200 208 if you have placed an order that you wish to cancel. The exception to this is items that are on backorder and not marked as non-cancellable where there may be more time to cancel - in this case please email

  • Email customer service:
  • Call customer service: +44 8701 200 208, 08:00-17:00, Monday - Friday (UK Time)

Viewing & Changing Orders

Q: What is the status of my order?
A: You can see your most recent orders on the Order Status & Tracking page. There may be times where an order just placed may not immediately appear until the order request has been fully processed by our business systems.

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Q:Can I speak to someone about an order I have placed?
  • Email customer support:
  • Call customer support: +44 8701 200 208, 08:00-17:00, Monday - Friday (UK Time)
Q:What should I do if product is damaged in delivery?
A: Our merchandise is carefully packed for delivery in our distribution centres, however we do realise that delivery damage may occur in spite of these precautions. If any damage occurs please contact our customer support team on +44 8701 200 208 or email us at
Q:Can I cancel an order?
A:Due to the efficiency of the Internet ordering process, it may not be possible to prevent the delivery of items once an order has been placed, if urgent please call our customer support team on +44 8701 200 208
Q:Why are some items missing from my order?
A: There are many reasons why items may be missing from your order. Please see your Order Status & Tracking to see the status of missing items. If you still have questions please contact customer support +44 8701 200 208.