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Reel, ESD and more packaging options to meet your needs

We offer certain products in a variety of packaging to meet your needs. You can find most items in reel, as well as ESD packaging.

Peel Packaging
This unique packaging provides complete protection for thousands of ICs purchased through Farnell.

Unique to the industry, the fully recyclable plastic casing offers many benefits at no additional charge, including:

  • Clear product identification with batch number and Farnell part number
  • All round protection in transit and storage
  • Reduced moisture ingress
  • Anti static protection
  • Reduction in damages
  • Easy quantity count
  • No minimum order sizes

Developed in conjunction with Antistat, experts in providing supply chain and packaging solutions to the electronics market, peel packaging provides a unique solution to common problems experienced by engineers globally.

Available as standard on thousands of ICs from the industry’s leading manufacturers,
keep your products protected with Farnell.

Biodegradable ESD packaging
Farnell has developed a unique, fully biodegradable, antistatic packaging solution for electronic components.

Manufacturer Waffle Trays
The only European distributor to offer half waffle quantities with a FREE anti static pick-up tool!

Full Quantity Tubes
A selected range of ICs are also available within full quantity tubes. Select the type that meets your needs from an extensive range of quantities and package sizes. This easy-to-use packaging offers a convenient storage solution for products used regularly and significantly reduces component handling, at no additional cost.

Re-reeling Service
offering no more wasted components or unused stock!
Bring an end to wasted components and unused stock with thousands of surface mount components re-reeled to customer specific quantities.
Re-reeled to EIA standards, this service is available for thousands of top brand components. Quantity of parts required for 350mm cut tape length varies according to product case size. Re-reeling is available on a wide range of capacitors, resistors, inductors, diodes, transistors, optos and IC's from market-leading manufacturers. You can find out more about re-reeled products here.
To find out whether there is a reeled package version of a product you’re looking for, simple append the letters “rl” to the order code when searching. Look for the   while browsing or click on the link below to view a list of re-reeled products.
Browse available reeled products

Full Reels
An extensive range of resistors, capacitors and inductors are now available on full reels. Buy in high quantities for lower prices and get your full requirement of components on a single reel, complete with manufacturers' leader and trailer tape.

Continuous Strip
All components available on tape and reel are delivered on one continuous strip – reducing waste and improving production efficiency.

Moisture Sensitive Packaging
Save time and effort with our "ready to use" packaging for moisture sensitive components. Available on thousands of components from the industry's leading manufacturers, compliant to Jedec industry standards.

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  • Call technical support: +44 8701 200 208, 08:00-17:00, Monday - Friday (UK Time)
Q: Can I get help to find a product?
  • Email technical support:
  • Call technical support: +44 8701 200 208, 08:00-17:00, Monday - Friday (UK Time)
Q: How do the search filters work?
A:Check the box to filter by selected parameters then click “Apply”.

For parametric filters, the available filters will automatically update with each selection, however you still need to click “Apply” to see the updated product list that matches your filter selection.

You can disable the automatic update by unchecking the “Auto Apply filters” check box above the parametric boxes.

For more information visit the Searching for Products page.

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Q: What is an alternative item?
  • An exact alternative is functionally identical (same form, fit and function) but has a different unit of measure from the same manufacturer.
  • An upgrade alternative is a product that has been improved by the same manufacturer.
  • A suggested alternative is a product that is functionally similar with similar form and fit.
Q:I need a spare part but cannot find it on the website?
A:Even if the product you need isn't listed in our search results, most likely we can get it. Use our live support and chat with a product technical specialist.
Q:How do I check stock and lead times?
A:See the Pricing and Availability section for more information.
Q:What can I enter in the search box?
A:See the Searching for Products section for more information.
Q:How do I select or search by product attributes?
A: Simply type the product attributes alongside the product you need in the search box. For example, if you're searching for a capacitor with a capacitance of 100pF, type “100pF capacitor” into the search box and click “Search”.

The search results will then return all products relevant to the words you have typed in. Other product attributes can then be selected to narrow your results further.
Q:What does Exclude Extended Range Items mean?
A:Extended Range Items are items that ship from our Newark warehouse located in the US. Items delivered from the US will arrive within 2-3 working days. There may be a one time additional delivery charge which will be displayed in your basket. Ticking the box will exclude these items from appearing in your search results.
Q:How do I compare products?
A: On the search results page, you can select products for a side-by-side comparison to help aid your decision making. Simply use the “tick boxes” to check the products you want to compare and then click “Compare”.

You can also select products for comparison from different search results screens by following these steps:
  • Select your first order code or series of order codes on the first results page
  • Click “Compare”
  • On the compare screen, click the browser back button to go back to the previous results page
  • Go to your second page of results
  • Select the order code or series of order codes
  • Click “Compare”
  • These order codes will be added to the “Compare” screen for easy side-by-side comparison.
Q:I cannot find the product I'm looking for?
A: If the product you need isn't listed in our search results, most likely we can get it. Use our Live Technical Support and chat with a product technical specialist.
Q:What do the icons next to Order Code mean?
  •   Click to access a datasheet on the manufacturer's website.
  •   Click to access the manual for this product.
  •   Click to view the product's application note.
  •   RoHS Compliant Item
  •   Click to view the catalog page.
  •   Click to open the MSDS on the manufacturer's website.
  •   Non Stocked Item
Q:What does the ‘RoHS Compliant’ icon mean?
A: See the RoHS / Legislation section for more information.
Q:I have a question about Raspberry Pi.
A: For the latest information please visit our dedicated Raspberry Pi FAQ section on community